What time do you do the tours?
Tours can be done at any time of the day or evening at your convenience. Most groups prefer to start at 10:00 am.


How long does the tour last?
The tour lasts about 90 minutes. However, the tour can be shortened for younger students to 60 minutes by walking less.

How and when do we pay for the tour?
Payment can be done at the convenience of the group. Most prefer to pay on the day of the event.


Do you need an exact head-count?
No, we do not need an exact head-count. If two or three more or less come there is no problem. However, to keep things smooth please advise of any major changes of more than five peoples.


What about rain?
Andalucia is blessed with very good weather almost year round -- Being a little wet is no problem. However, in the case of heavy rain we can reschedule at a time that is convenient for everyone.
Phone: + 34 670 40 43 62